We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers!

We are continuously looking for volunteers to join us here at Word of Life Poland. There are many ways you can serve with us. Contact us if you are interested in serving an any of the following areas:


    • Teachers should have experience and a passion for teaching and discipleship.

    • Background in teaching ESL / EFL is beneficial but not necessary.

Culinary Services

    • We have a full industrial kitchen ready to feed hungry staff and students.

Housekeeping & Cleaning

    • Our new, state of the art ministry center needs some help staying clean.

Property & Building Maintenance

    • We need people with handyman skills or landscaping experience.

What should I expect?

Aside from helping our program and property function, you will have many opportunities to befriend and disciple students. Eating meals together, participating in chapel, and having meaningful conversation are all opportunities to impact the lives of students for eternity.

The school schedule runs from Monday night to Friday afternoon each week, leaving the weekends free to rest or experience Polish history and culture.

When do I come?

We have 3 school terms each year, each lasting about 2 months. Below are future term dates for our school:

  • Winter 2022: January 9 - March 11 , 2022

  • Spring 2022: April 3 - June 3, 2022

  • Fall 2022: September 25 - November 18, 2022

Volunteers may stay for 1 or more terms depending on their availability. Arrival and departure will vary for each person, but expect to arrive at least 1 week before the term begins and stay a couple days after.

Volunteers who are with us through the summer will have the opportunity to be a part of our youth camps. Likewise, volunteers who join us for our Winter Terms may have the opportunity to join us for Winter Camp in Zakopane.

What will it cost?

You will have the opportunity to raise financial support to cover the cost of your ministry and airfare. The costs below will cover your housing, meals, transportation in Poland, and tourism in our city, Łódź.

Single Term

Winter Term: January 9 -March 11 - $1500

Spring Term: April 3 - June 3 - $1500

Fall Term: September 25 - November 18 - $1500


Terms 2 & 3 (Feb. 2 - June 12) - $2750

Full Year (Sept. 29 - June 12) - $3900*

*Includes participation in our winter camp!

Interested in longer?

Considering more than short-term missions? Contact us to find out about opportunities longer than a year.

Additional costs include items such as airfare and insurance, and will depend on length of stay and roles held by volunteers. We would love to talk with you about your personal needs and what it would take for you to come to Poland. If raising financial support for missions is new to you, let us know!