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Our second semester will start February 2nd, 2020. Click the link below for the student application, or keep scrolling for more information!

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Below are the terms for the school year 2019-2020:

Term 1: September 29 - November 29

Term 2: February 2 - March 27

Term 3: April 19 - June 12


The total student cost for a single term at English4Life is 3,000 PLN. This covers the cost of classes, housing, and meals from Monday 17:30 to Friday 15:00. Students who desire to stay on property during the weekends must pay an additional 700 PLN and will be required to provide their own meals, with access to on-property kitchen facilities.

Example Week

This is the standard week at English4Life. The weekend is free, and students are encouraged to return home during this time and be involved in the local church. Students will be able to leave the school from 15:00 every Friday and are required to return to English4Life for dinner on Monday.